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Providing Mental Health Care Services

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Providing Mental
Health Care Services


Achieving Better Health With Our Mental Health Care Services

Strategic Mental Health is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are healthcare providers that specialize in providing mental health care. Our team provides assessment and various treatment services that aim to help you manage and maintain better care practices.

How We Can Help

We diagnose, treat, and prevent mental health issues by offering a variety of solutions. These are the options we can explore in order to assist and guide you through behavioral, emotional, and mental disorders or imbalances:

  • Assessment

  • Medication – Provisions, Assessment, and Management

  • Therapy

  • Treatment

Each patient session can be in person or via web conference, depending on your preference.


Making Your Recovery Accessible

Everyone at Strategic Mental Health values the importance of the patient-provider relationship. This is why we want to foster relationships that can best accommodate
your health needs.

Our team will also connect you with the most trusted providers who will work with you towards an optimal and comfortable recovery.

We also take pride in being the only mental health service
provider that takes insurance.

Begin Your Recovery

Take the first step into recovery with the help of our mental health care experts. You can easily schedule your appointment with us from the comfort of your own home by contacting our team.